SpeSkullations #7 – Esclusiva intervista su CiNG, Hotel Dusk e il futuro di Kyle Hyde


7 thoughts on “SpeSkullations #7 – Esclusiva intervista su CiNG, Hotel Dusk e il futuro di Kyle Hyde

  1. I can’t speak Italian. But if possible, I’ll like to let Miss Rika Suzuki know that I’ve greatly enjoyed the Another Code/Trace Memory games as well. I hope one day she is able to work with Nintendo to continue that series as well as Kyle Hyde’s.

    The games CING put out are rare in this age of gaming, and I really would love to see more of them.

    1. I appreciate your comment, thank you for stepping in for a quick reply 🙂
      I’ll report your comment to Miss Suzuki for sure.
      Also if you have any question about the interview or the article in particular, please feel free to ask, I’ll certainly answer/translate anything you want.

      1. The translation was very clear, so I understood everything =).

        I have you to thank for interviewing Ms Rika Suzuki. It’s so great to finally hear some words from her since CiNG went down. Your article has been linked on many Nintendo fansites and many fans of Hotel Dusk, Another Code/Trace Memory as well as CiNG’s other works have come together to talk about the article and those games.

        I just hope Ms Rika knows that there are many fans of her games outside of Japan and we want to see those games continued, or at least new games with such rich narrative and focus.

        Once again, thank you for the interview!

  2. ho amato alla follia i due giochi di Kyle Hyde, i personaggi, l’atmosfera, i disegni a mano, la musica di Okubo (che ancora ascolto). I giochi piu belli del mondo. grazie per questa bellissima intervista.

    anzi, mi piacerebbe sapere se la Suzuki e’ ancora in contatto con Satoshi Okubo, e di che cosa si sta occupando ora!

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